Typewriter Parts by Request

Got a broken or missing part on your typewriter? Couldn't find it anywhere due to machine's old age and parts being discontinued? Fret not. We are here to help.

We can CAD up the 3D models and 3D print for you if you can supply us the broken parts, or diagrams with dimensions. If you would like to keep the 3D files exclusively to yourself, then standard design fee applies at $120 + GST per hour, plus 3D printing charges for the parts.

If you just want to buy the 3D printed parts without owning the 3D files, we can do that as well. The 3D files will be owned by Idea Beans and we will be able to print more of them for other typewriter users locally in NZ. Alternatively we will upload the 3D files to our Shapeways store for more typewriter collectors worldwide.

Here's a preview to our current Shapeways store - [Typewriter Parts by Request]. It'll be our ongoing project to add more parts for typewriters as we go, so send us an email or give us a call if you are looking for that one particular typewriter part that no one else stock!! :)

Typewriter part Typewriter part Typewriter part Typewriter part

Aluminium PTC Adaptors for HE280

Custom made for Rostock Max v2/v3 users experiencing jamming and underextrusion issues.

USD18 each. Shipping is flat fee USD10 for up to 10 units. (available for shipping now!)

Payment via Paypal shopping cart. You can update quantity in next step.


Please note: the unit price will include a piece of PTFE tube about 42mm - 43mm long to go inside the HE280 heat sink. We will also include a PTC connector with M5 threads to secure the main PTFE tube.

For those who don't know what the adaptors are for, it's a fix to stop the jamming/clogging issue that happen to the HE280 as mentioned in this blog: https://seemecnc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217525946-HE280-Not-Consistently-Extruding-Filament-JAM However, their solution was not a permanent fix...

Symptons of jamming/clogging: clicking noises from EZRstruder, underextrusion, stringy prints etc. Some may have tried to slow the speed down and increase the printing temp to achieve better quality. With this fix you can start printing faster at normal temperature without any clogging.